Since I was a child I have been working on the thriving and coexistence of all beings on this planet. We are all a voice for the voiceless, Let us work with joy and gratitude on Common-Unity. All Life is sacred.

My Mission

Harmonizing the human-animal-land-relationship. Establishing a reciprocal relationship with animals, earth, plants and minerals and with each other.
Working for the animals with the animals.
Revolutionizing the way we think about all other life forms.
Being caretakers and guardians of life, of the animals, mountains, rivers and forest and water through wisdom and compassion, love and inter-being.
Feeding the health and continuity of life.
Nourishing back that which nourishes us.
Earth belongs to herself, she has the same rights to life as human beings.

What I offer you from my heart

  • Phone and in-person animal and land communication consultations
  • Presentations on peaceful, healthy coexistence with the natural world in the schools and larger community
  • Sacred Photography:
  • "Walking in Beauty": guided excursions into the wilderness in awareness, joy and fearlessness.
My relationship with the deer and the other animals around my house has deepened and is continuing to deepen, thanks to you.
— M. Katz
 One of my favorite things in the whole world:    Public Speaking

One of my favorite things in the whole world:    Public Speaking

  • Workshops on communicating with your pets and the natural world around you
  • Presentations on our endangered animals like the wolf and last wild bison in the schools and larger community
  • Sacred Videography
  • Sacred Writing: Awareness for our animals and wild nature for children, young adults and adults.
I look at bears differently now and do not experience the fear that I used to have.
— Hannah from Germany
Your message of interconnectedness and coexistence is very important in this world right now.
— L.H.