Here's just a small sampling of the projects I am currently working on or have worked on in the past:

Messages from the Animals

The pilot “Otter Love” got into its first film festival and has won two awards already, best director and best pilot/web series. We are working on more episodes, the next one" “Straight from the horse’s mouth” is in production. Episodes about wolves, bears, bison, bees, snakes and many more will follow. It is my heart’s desire to develop reciprocal relationships with all life forms around us, make decisions with them in mind and that we ALL THRIVE in the WEb of Life.

Watch the trailer at the bottom of the page

Water gives me life-A film about the human water relationship

Great news! My doc about water just got into its first film festival. Please watch the trailer for it here:

“Bison Nation-Walking Sacred Sites” has traveled the world, been in many film festivals and screening and has won numerous awards:

Stories of Wolves-The Lobo returns: Full-length documentary and outreach project in the schools and larger community:

I am Nature-You are human nature. My latest short film which is traveling around the world as we speak: