I fully immerse myself in the project I am working on and in the environment I am working in. Whenever I take pictures, do video work or am out in the field I become a part of the web of life. At that moment I am inside the web and am able to see every single tree in a forest, every single ant and yet also the Whole. I am so inundated with love for what I "see", and I mean “seeing” on many levels that this love becomes the prevailing force behind my photography, writing and videography. What I photograph and film are not objects or animals, what I photograph is myself in the form of an animal, tree, rock looking back at me.

We are the outside Earth. In our age of disconnection from the natural world it is of utmost importance to find our way back to nature. My work in this world consists of inspiring people to make the  leap back to being connected and a part of the ecosystem, to being guardians and lovers of the earth and all her creatures, plants and minerals, of life and humanity.

Photography projects

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