I am Water-My newest doc

I am beyond delighted that after 2 1/2 years of filming and editing, traveling and getting to know water, my upcoming doc “I am Water” is nearly finished! Yay! Thank you to everybody who has been, was and is a part of this. Lots of love!

You may watch the trailer for it here: https://vimeo.com/315098819

This project took me many places and had me talking to many people on several continents. Here is a little share about my experience at Standing Rock. I was taken there to learn that most of us humans do not know anymore, who and what water is and what our human relationship with water entails. It also taught me that we are ALL ONE. The elders there were living and breathing this truth and passing it along to whoever was willing and had an open heart to get away from cultural conditioning and embrace our communalities.

Right after we first arrive I climb Facebook Hill, the media hill where your phone and the internet sometimes work and where you might get hacked if you log into the password free internet service. That at least is what a sign says. “Hacking me, no problem”, I think. “It will keep me right on track with only posting positive, loving and beautiful posts.” That is why I came to Standing Rock. To loan my love, life force and energy to the peaceful movement, to see the human beauty, resilience and dedication for myself that has prevailed since April. Since a group of young people came here to do ceremony for the land, the animals, the people and most importantly, the water. “Mni Wiconi-Water is life” became the face of this movement. A Lakota man tells me later that it most accurately translates into “Water is Alive”. But that comes much later, towards the end of my stay. Right then, on top of the hill, as I look down, my heart expands and my eyes fill with tears: Spread out in front of me is a camp not unlike the ones of times past. It is migratory, can be taken down, moved and expanded. It is not stationary like the towns we Westerners create. not sterile and empty of humans outside of their dwellings, does not have "good or bad neighborhoods". It is ALIVE, thriving, vibrating, just like the water it is protecting. It is emanating the not so faint sounds of drumming, singing, prayer and the hustle and bustle of life. They rise into the air and stand there for a second or two as if they want to catch a glimpse of what is going on further up the hill on the other side of the river. Where the fortress lies that protects the black snake. 
Then, they collapse back onto the ground for a new sound wave to emerge. My eyes brim over with tears. This heart of mine is being cracked wide open by what I see: The whole myriad of the different expressions of humanity is right in front of my eyes. At first, my intellect wants to come from the binary way of being that we have been so attached to for a long time. Good and bad guys, right or wrong... Only for a split second, though. Then the thoughts that my mind has tried to conjure up from mere habit vanish. I see that what is really going on is way beyond that. What I perceive through my heart is all of that and more. Much more. I see beyond “them versus us”, I see what this camp is really serving is a deep need for connecting with each other, for bringing in a new way to walk on this earth. Compassion wells up in me for All Life, all people. The ones putting their lives on the line and the ones armored to the max, doing their job that they are getting paid for. What must go on in their hearts right this very moment, in all of them? Expanded vision is granted to me. I see that that very moment that there is no distinction between us. We are all one. We are all related...