Human Nature

I have been feeling into the etymology of our human words lately and where certain expressions and words come from. What came up was the expression: Human nature. For one thing it commonly refers to the notion that we cannot help who we are and what we do. It is simply human nature to wage war, to be disconnected and to be an island upon oneself. But when I looked a little more deeply, I saw something else:

We are the human expression of nature! We are the outside earth. We are not separate or different from her, but a part of her, a vital and integral part of the rest of what has been created and is still being created every second on this planet. This interpretation of "human nature" is a much taller order for us. It calls us to step up to the plate so to speak, to realize who we really are and what we are capable of. In this light, our simple dismissal of our abilities and our infatuation with the ordinary and mediocre is put aside and makes way for something else. If, for a long time we have acted and lived from fear, now is the time to act, be and live from the spirit of unity-consciousness, belonging, love, gratitude and joy. Just imagine what we can do and be from that vantage point of life. Out of the ashes of our past will rise a new possibility: that of the connected, caring human being. And our human nature will truly shine!