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Wolves and Humans-A new story of coexistence

A book for all ages and educational guide about wolves

Nominated for a Reading the West Book Award 2016

At first, when Ernest sees a wolf, he has a difficult time convincing his family that what he saw was real. Wolves vanished from the landscape long ago, he is told. After the wolves have made their presence known to the community, however, age-old fears erupt and threaten the wolves' existence. With a trusted friend and a wise elder, Ernest helps to uncover the mystery of the dead sheep whose death splits the village in half. The villagers are getting a second chance at coexistence with the wolves. How will they choose? A story of wolves returning to their former habitat after a lengthy absence and the people’s reaction to their return. With information on international wolves in the Northern Hemisphere, things to ponder and activities. Includes the author’s story about her work creating wolf awareness.


How it all started
Everything on this earth is interconnected. John Muir has said "When one tags at a single thing in nature he finds it attached to the rest of the world."
As I am collecting stories of wolves I am wondering what it would be like to write an entirely new "Story of Wolves": One of coexistence and respect, of learning from the wolves and appreciating their presence on this earth, of rightful conduct towards them, as individuals and nations and of gratitude for their role on this planet. It might take a shift in consciousness altogether, but it is possible. Of that I am sure.
We are the outside earth. All we have to do is “own” Nature as a part of us. No more demonizing other creatures and projecting our own fears and dark spaces onto them.
Nobody gets to be more important than another. The wolf is just as important as the dog, the “weed” as welcome as the vegetable. Any small creature has its place just as much as the big apex predators. Who would feed the birds if it were not for the insects? Who would pollinate our food if it were not for all the pollinators in this world?
And so my journey as an advocate for all life began. It has not always been easy or smooth sailing. I do not know where it will lead me; the only thing that I know is that it continues with my utmost commitment to the path. That the wolves and all things and beings WILD keep me going. Because we have that wildness inside of us at all times. It is our birthright!