"Bison Nation-Walking Sacred Sites"

has been traveling to film festivals all over the world:

We are still here. This is our story, the story of the bison, who inhabit the Northern Hemisphere. You might also know us as buffalo, tatanka, zubr, wisent, basha, Inii, ethanon, tatanga, Wisent... It is a comical story, because sometimes we are caught in politics, colonialism or religion. It is a story of disconnection and destruction as well as a story of hope, resilience, beauty, interconnectedness, return and reunion. We are walking sacred sites because we take care of our biggest sacred site: The Earth. It is also your story, the human story in all its many facets. 

It is so exciting to see how the word about our last bison and their ties to the Native Peoples is getting out. Here are some of the film festivals it has been featured in and awards it has received:


-The Impact Docs: Award of Recognition for Documentary Feature 

-Accolade Film Competition: Award of Recognition for Documentary Feature and 

Humanitarian Award honorable mention, 

-Top Indie Film Awards: Best message, 

-International Film Festival for women, social issues and zero tolerance: Best documentary feature

Documentary Official Selection:  

-International Filmmaker festival of world Cinema: Berlin, 

-10th International Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival: Kuala

-Lumpur, Godollo Environmental Film Festival, Hungary

-Awareness Film Festival, Los Angeles

-Ekotop Film Festival, Prague

-Greenbay International Film Festival, Wisconsin


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